2nd Annual Tom's Farm

A Civil War Alliance event

October 11-12, 2014

23900 Temescal Canyon Road

Corona, CA 92883

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25 September 2013

My fellow reenactors,

Everything is in place for a very successful inaugural event at Tom’s Farms on Temescal Canyon Road in Corona on October 12-13. You definitely won’t want to miss this one!

First, breastworks were constructed today.  These breastworks will resemble more of a long arc than the “fort” at Pierce College, thereby making them appear to be more like hastily constructed earthworks in the field.

Tomorrow, the camping areas will be “rolled” in order to make them easier for foot traffic.

The field will also be watered tomorrow in order to start the greenery to grow on it. You may recall that I sent photos of the property last December that showed a verdant landscape. These photos were taken on November 9 last year, less than a month after the timeframe for our event this year. With a little help from Mother Nature, we will have a green battlefield for our event.

A very serious effort will be made with the local schools. Posters will be distributed in the schools, and local history teachers will be contacted.  Since the event is free, this should give incentive to teachers to encourage attendance by their students.

Here is the schedule:


Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13

8;30 Church Call (Sunday only)

9:00  Officers Call (All unit officers and civilian unit leaders. Saturday only.) (Reviewing Stand)

9:30 Division Officers Call (Respective branch headquarters)

10:00 Event officially begins.

10:30 War on the Home Front (Civilian Camp)

10:30 Historical Clothing Presentation (Reviewing Stand)

11:00 Military Band Concert—Band of the Richmond Howitzers (Reviewing Stand)

11:30 Presidential Press Conference (Reviewing Stand)

11:15 Weapons Inspection, Safety Briefing, and Division Formation

12:00 First Engagement , followed by The Gettysburg Address

1:00 Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry Demonstration (Battlefield)

1:30 Military Band Concert—Band of the Marine Battalion (Reviewing Stand)

2:15 Appomattox Surrender Ceremony (Reviewing Stand)

2:30 Weapons Inspection, Safety Briefing, and Division Formation

3:00 Second Engagement, followed by The Gettysburg Address

3:45 A Conversation with the Presidents and The Generals. (Reviewing Stand)

5:00 Event ends for the public

7:00 Dance (Saturday only)

You must have your vehicle out of camp by 9:30 AM on Saturday.  Please try to do much better than that.  The encampment is not entirely fenced and there is no restricted access, so the public  could start to arrive much earlier than we are used to seeing at other events.

Hay, water, and firewood will be provided. 

Civilian reenactors, contact Lana Bailey, lana_designs@yahoo.com concerning your needs for space.

We need a fire extinguisher within 15 feet of every campfire in order to satisfy the fire marshal. Please make sure that this fire extinguisher is a current “ABC” fire extinguisher (ABC refers to the different types of fires it will extinguish, e.g. wood/trash, liquid, and electrical.)  Check the label to confirm that it is an ABC extinguisher and to make sure that the fire extinguisher is current.

You may arrive anytime Friday.  Sutlers may set up on Thursday. Our camps will be on the west side of Temescal Canyon Road. Reenactor parking will be on the east side of the road. Do not park in the public parking area! 

Horsemen, ask for directions when you arrive for trailer parking. If you want hay for your mount, we need to know in advance.

The reenactor release is posted via the link above. If you are a minor who will be participating without a parent being present, print it and have a parent sign it before you bring it to the event. Adults can simply complete the form at the event.

The prior event message is pasted below.

I am confident that by the time this event is over, as with every event, we will find ways it can be improved next year. I will tell you, however, that Robert Lizano, the Tom’s Farms manager, as well as his staff, have spent a great deal of time and effort in making this event happen, all with the intention of making it one that both the reenactors and the public will greatly enjoy.

Now, come join us on October 12-13 for a really great time!

Ed Mann

Please pass this message on to your reenactor friends.



19 August  2013

My fellow reenactors,
Our inaugural event at Tom's Farms is on track for October 12-13. This event holds great promise, so I'm hoping that you will join us in what promises to be a great new event on the fall schedule.
As far as I can recall, no reenactment has been held in Riverside County for a good while, so with the publicity efforts and the fact that Tom's Farms has developed considerable community contacts over the years, this should be a successful weekend.
Tom's Farms is a sprawling commercial complex that began in the 1930s as roadside vegetable sales from a truck. Over time, it became more and more successful, and today Tom's Farms is a sprawling commercial area with a picture perfect farmer's market, restaurant and other boutiques. It occupies several acres at 23900 Temescal Canyon Road in Corona (just south of Riverside). Our event will be held across from it on several acres of open ground.
A great deal of money will be spent to make this event a success. A special effort is being made with the local schools. Understand that this event will be a learning experience. It is a new site and we will all be figuring out just how to make this property serve our effort to maximum advantage.
You may arrive anytime after 10:00 a.m. on Friday. Hay, firewood and water will be provided.
A fine dance will be held on Saturday night, as usual. Mark Schoenberger will do the calling, and High Strung will provide the music.
Horsemen, you will need to let me know that you will be attending so that proper amounts of hay can be provided. Please do so by October 5.
Civilian reenactors, please contact Lana Bailey, lana_designs@yahoo.com, and give her your projected space requirements.
Minors without parents in attendance, be sure to download the release that will be posted on www.civilwaralliance.com prior to the event and get a parent's signature on it before you leave home.
Reenactor registration will be $5.00.
Sutlers, please contact me if you wish to arrange for space there.
From Los Angeles-
Travel east on the either the 91, 60, 10 or 210 Freeways.  Go South on the 15 Freeway.  Exit at Temescal Canyon Road, and turn right.
From San Diego-
Travel north on the 15 Freeway.  Exit at Temescal Canyon Road, and turn left.
From Palm Springs-
Travel west on the 10, 60, or 91 Freeways and turn south on the 15 freeway.  Exit at Temescal Canyon Road.
Expect another event message as we get closer to the event.
So come join with us and plan on having a great time on October 12-13 in Corona!


Ed Mann

Please pass on this message to anyone who might be interested.

Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested.






For more information, please contact Ed Mann using the link below: