The Moorpark Rotary Club presents:

Moorpark 2014 - Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

Richmond Howitzers in action, 2012.  (photo credit: Rusty Nelson)


The Largest and Grandest Civil War Event in Southern California and the Largest Civil War Battle Reenactment West of the Mississippi! 

Our twelfth anniversary!

A Civil War Alliance event

Hosted by the Richmond Howitzers

Past Moorpark events featured stars from Gettysburg and Gods and Generals:

Bruce Boxleitner (General Longstreet)

David Carpenter (Colonel Devin & Chaplain Tucker Lacey)

Patrick Gorman (General John Bell Hood)

As well as:

Peter Sherayko, Tombstone

Phil Spangenberger, Wild West Tech

Marty Kove, Karate Kid, Wyatt Earp, Rambo


Check back to see who is confirmed for this year!




TBA, Moorpark, CA

Three Battles on Saturday (12:00, 3:00, 5:15)
& Two on Sunday (12:00, 2:30)


All Proceeds Go to Worthy Causes

Union Troops on the move (Photo credit Nikolai Sklobovsky PhotoSoCal)



Click HERE for the Moorpark Event Photo Gallery

Click HERE to see video shot at the 2009 event 

Click HERE to see Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

at the Moorpark Event

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Public Information

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Event Schedule



Andrew Prine, Patrick Gorman, and Bruce Boxleitner having lunch at the Richmond Howitzers' command tent

2013 Moorpark Country Days Parade participants


Reenactor Information


Safety & General Event Rules 

Event Schedule

Order of Battle

Soldiers emerging from a cornfield at Moorpark.

For more information, please contact Ed Mann via the link below:



Rick Williams as Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer in the 2010 event.


Latest News

7 November 2013


Both Arsenio Hall and Levar Burton will have film crews at the event.
Costco has graciously donated dessert for the Rotary's amazing dinner on Saturday. It's just $6.00 for a great meal.
The Marine Corps Birthday celebration will take place in the 2nd U.S. Cavalry camp at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Bring your own libation. All veterans are invited.
Received from Rebecca Thelin:

Just FYI that Connie Whittlesey is making up some mourning cockades specifically to remember Jonathon Shawn Stidger. (Cockades are For Sale)
Please feel free to pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested in (buying &) wearing one to mark the passing of Shawn.

Single Layer with CSA Button: $10
Single Layer with Shawn's Picture: $12
Double Layer with either CSA Button or Shawn's Picture: $15
Should you wish to order one in advance, please email Connie directly at .
There will be some available at the Swap Meet Saturday morning, but you can otherwise find Connie in "Middletown" (Civilian Town).

-=-Rebecca/Becky Thelin
aka - Miss Violet Johnson ("Oak St")



29 October 2013


My fellow reenactors,


Everything is again in place for a great event!


Your help will be much appreciated with the school program on Friday. As usual, we can expect hundreds of school kids. Those reenactors who participate in the Friday program can arrive after 12:00 on Thursday. Please let me know if you can make it. The Rotary will provide lunch for you that day, so I need a head count.


Don't forget what has become the largest reenactor swap meet of the year. It will take place at 8:00 at the stage on Saturday. Get rid of some unused items, or perhaps pick up some bargains--or both.


Civilians, please contact Lana Lily,, concerning your space needs at the event.


The Rotary Club has once again arranged for a chicken/tri-tip dinner on Saturday night for a very low price of $6.00. Deal! Buy your ticket by 10:00 a.m. at a location near the stage. Tickets may be available later, but don't take a chance.


The Rotary has obtained good rates at three hotels in Simi Valley for those who do not want to camp:


Grand Vista $60.00
Full breakfast included
Posada Royal $89.00
Full breakfast included
Discount code: Civil War
Holiday Inn Express Simi Valley $80.00, plus 10% tax.
Hot buffet breakfast.
805-584-6006 ext. 130
The long range weather forecast looks very good at this time (knock on wood).


And now, "On to Moorpark!"

Ed Mann



2 October 2013



My fellow reenactors,


Moorpark beckons, folks!


On behalf of our sponsor, the Moorpark Rotary Club, and the host unit, the Richmond Howitzer Battalion, I invite you all to attend this really great event.

One indication of how good an event the Moorpark event has become is the number of reenactors who show up for it when these same reenactors are rarely seen the rest of the year. If a person in Southern California is still calling himself a reenactor, more likely than not, he/she will be at the Moorpark event.  Seriously, what event in California offers as good a combination of ground charges, aerial pyrotechnics, comfortable bivouac area, and authentic battlefield?

Our theme this year will be based on the battles of 1863. The exact battles have not been determined yet. More information will follow soon.

Reenactor registration will be $5.00.  Hay, water, and firewood will be provided. Details will be forthcoming, but expect, as usual, great local hotel rates for those of you who do not wish to camp at the event.

The Moorpark Country Days Parade will take place this Saturday on October 5. This parade provides great publicity for our event. Bring your muskets, carbines, and pistols and "battle" down the parade route. Ladies, you are welcome to bring your best "Miss America wave" and to ride down the route if you wish, or to hand out event flyers if you would like. Let me know if you can help.

If you would like to have a place on the schedule for a certain presentation or demonstration, please let me know by Monday, October 7.

Of course, the school program will take place again on Friday, November 8. Your help with the hundreds of school kids will be much appreciated.

More information will be available soon, but expect, once again, the low cost Saturday night dinner that so many reenactors have come to enjoy.

Remember, you can arriveafter noon on Friday. Those participating in the school program can arrive after noon on Thursday.

The popular reenactor swap meet will take place at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday around the dance floor and stage area. This is usually the best opportunity of the year to find bargains on used reenactor items.

You will receive more messages as we get closer to the event. Be sure to check for late breaking news should weather developments become a concern at the last minute.

So, now, please make plans to join your fellow reenactors at the Grand Finale of the 2013 reenacting season on Veterans Day weekend, November 9-10.

And now, "On to Moorpark!"

Ed Mann






A shot of the night battle - a centerpiece of the event.                                                                                         Demonstration of dances of the period.

Hundreds of authentically equipped reenactors.                                                                                                    Historical personages...

Medical and surgery demonstrations.                                                                                                  Ground charges add to the realism.

The host unit, the Richmond Howitzers, in action at Moorpark.