The Moorpark Rotary Club presents:

Moorpark 2014 - Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

Richmond Howitzers in action, 2012.  (photo credit: Rusty Nelson)


The Largest and Grandest Civil War Event in Southern California and the Largest Civil War Battle Reenactment West of the Mississippi! 

Our thirteenth anniversary!

A Civil War Alliance event

Hosted by the Richmond Howitzers

Past Moorpark events featured stars from Gettysburg and Gods and Generals:

Bruce Boxleitner (General Longstreet)

David Carpenter (Colonel Devin & Chaplain Tucker Lacey)

Patrick Gorman (General John Bell Hood)

As well as:

Peter Sherayko, Tombstone

Phil Spangenberger, Wild West Tech

Marty Kove, Karate Kid, Wyatt Earp, Rambo


Check back to see who is confirmed for this year!



November 8-9, 2014 

Moorpark, CA (New location!)

Three Battles on Saturday (12:00, 3:00, 5:15)
& Two on Sunday (12:00, 2:30)

All Proceeds Go to Worthy Causes


Union Troops on the move (Photo credit Nikolai Sklobovsky PhotoSoCal)



Click HERE for the Moorpark Event Photo Gallery

Click HERE to see video shot at the 2009 event 

Click HERE to see Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

at the Moorpark Event

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Andrew Prine, Patrick Gorman, and Bruce Boxleitner having lunch at the Richmond Howitzers' command tent

2013 Moorpark Country Days Parade participants


Reenactor Information

Safety & General Event Rules 

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Soldiers emerging from a cornfield at Moorpark.

For more information, please contact Ed Mann via the link below:



Rick Williams as Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer in the 2010 event.


Latest News

2 September 2014


My fellow reenactors,
Early this year, you may have received my "Moorpark Down" message. Now, it's "Moorpark Rises" on November 8-9!!!
Most of you have no clue about the effort, stomach acid, and time it took the Moorpark Rotary Club to get the event nailed down at this new site. The search for another site after the loss of Tierra Rejada Ranch involved an effort that made Ulysses' effort to return home after the Trojan War, by comparison, a walk in the park.
After it seemed that all alternatives of an acceptable replacement site had been exhausted, the 3600 acre property that formerly belonged to Union Oil, which Dale Parvin and I first toured in 2001 before the Tierra Rejada Ranch site was selected. suddenly became available, compliments of the current owners, Waste Management. The problem in 2001 was the lack of a safe access route onto the property. Just as it seemed like no new site could be had anywhere near Moorpark, we discovered by accident that what had been the goat trail entrance at the west end of the property had been recently improved to the point that big rigs hauling oil equipment could negotiate the road.
This sprawling, nearly pristine property is probably five miles long, although I haven't actually measured it.You may have seen the photo I sent a couple of months ago. That particular site will not be the one we use, as it turns out. It is in an unincorporated area of Ventura County, and the process of obtaining a permit will cost many thousands of dollars and take months to complete. (We have hopes that an amendment to the county ordinances by next year will allow us the time to obtain the permit, as well as reduce the huge fees that need to be paid in order to obtain a conditional use permit.)
"By the grace of an ever-kind Providence," however, the western-most end of the 3600 acre property is within the city limits of the City of Moorpark. The approval process with the City of Moorpark is much simpler, so that is where we will have our event.
Access to the site will still be controlled. You, as a reenactor, will be able to drive in, unload, and continue to a nearby reenactor parking area that is hidden from the main site. The public, however, will be brought in on a large fleet of vans, most of which will be 15-passenger Roadrunner Shuttle vans. The public will park at Moorpark College on its paved parking lots and travel for about 10 minutes approximately 1/2 mile to the site.
One change you should note is that, at least for this year, there will be no school program on Friday.
For those of you who are willing to help, your attendance and participation on September 27 in the Moorpark Country Days Parade in order to publicize our event and its new location will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you can help.
Watch for more information soon.
For now, it's on to Moorpark!
Ed Mann
Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested. 


12 June 2014


We're moving!  After 12 years of gracious hospitality at the Tierra Rejada Ranch, the time has come to move to another location.  The Civil War Alliance and the Moorpark Rotary successfully negotiated for the use of Los Alamos Canyon for the event this year!  This site offers a lot of terrain for battles and bivouacs.







A shot of the night battle - a centerpiece of the event.                                                                                         Demonstration of dances of the period.

Hundreds of authentically equipped reenactors.                                                                                                    Historical personages...

Medical and surgery demonstrations.                                                                                                  Ground charges add to the realism.

The host unit, the Richmond Howitzers, in action at Moorpark.