Order of Battle

Army of the West (Confederate)

Brig. Gen. E.C. Mann, Commanding

Col. Reed Settle, Deputy Commander

Maj. Sam Gross, Adjutant General

1ST Lt. Rick Erickson, Assistant Adjutant General

Maj. Bill Behrens, Chief of Mounts

Maj. Michael French, Chief of Signals

Lt. Col. Ryan Settle, Provost Marshal

Lt. Col Bruce Boxleitner, Aide de CampCpt. Philip Spangenberger, Aide de Camp

Sgt. Michael Breckenridge, Division Color Sergeant


Artillery Battalion

Lt. Col. Landis Potter, Commanding

Lt. Donald Parra, AAG

1ST  Co., Richmond Howitzers: Cpt. John Billinger

            2ND  Co., Richmond Howitzers: Lt. Roger Grass

Cavalry Brigade (Kanawah's)

Maj. Bill Behrens, Commanding (mounted)

Maj. Chuck Ellingson, Commanding (dismounted)

Bvt. 1ST LT. Poppy Behrens, AAG


1ST  Battalion

, Commanding

 2ND  KY: Cpt. Hunter Inman 


2ND Battalion

Cpt. James Ellingson, Commanding

1ST  NC, CO A: Lt. Paul Lewandoski

18TH VA: Lt. Dennis White

3RD TX, Co C: Sgt Bob McMillan


McCrary's Division

Col. Robert E. McCrary, Commanding

Lt. Col. Ray Harrell 

Cpt. Alex MacIver, AAG

Cpt. Darrell Rivers, AAG

Western Brigade (Settle's)

Lt. Col. Ryan Settle, Commanding

Maj. Richard Studenick, Chief of Staff

1ST Lt. Bruce Kosak, AAG


1ST  Battalion

Maj. Mike French, Commanding

1ST TX: Cpt. Terry Handy

2ND FL: 2ND Lt. Christopher Beresevoy

2ND  Battalion

Maj. Les Revier, Commanding

3RD CS Engineers: 1ST Lt. Norm Braly

Hampton's Legion: Cpt. Larry Kelsey

8TH  LA: 1ST Sgt. B. Wiswell



Army of the West (Union)

Col. Scott Harrington, Commanding

Col. D Mrozek, Chief of Staff

Maj. M. Groen, Adjutant General

Maj. Nakaishi, Chief of Signals

Maj. F. Baxter, Aide de Camp

Cpt. Z Smith, OOD

Dr. Malarky, Chief Surgeon

Sgt. Maj. P. Lamirand


Artillery Battalion

Lt. Col. Bob Glessner, Commanding

Fixed Artillery

Lt. Col. Bob Glessner, Commanding

Mounted Artillery Detachment

Maj. Alan Ginos, Commanding

Infantry Division

Lt. Col. Gary Busic, Commanding

1ST  Battalion

Maj. Padden, Commanding

2ND  Battalion

Maj. Grace, Commanding

3RD  Battalion

Lt. Col. Bispo, Commanding


Cavalry Brigade

Lt. Col. Bill Schurmann, Commanding

Dismounted troops

Lt. Col Bill Schurmann, Commanding

Mounted Cavalry Detachment

Lt. Col McCluskey, Commanding

Mountain Fife and Drum Corps