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Union troops in formation, Moorpark 2009.

Throughout the year, Civil War reenactments take place at various venues. These reenactments are intended to provide spectators insight into the American Civil War, the most important event--bar none--in our country's history since the Revolution. Our reenactors want the public to leave the event with a much better appreciation of the trials, tribulations, and sacrifices that were involved in transforming a simple union of states into a nation.

The Civil War Alliance is an informal association of independent reenactor units that participate in sponsored reenactments. Military reenactors, primarily from the Union Army of the West and the Confederate Army of the West, and associated civilian reenactors, join forces and participate in quality events throughout Southern California. These events are, quite simply, the largest and best Civil War reenactments in the region.

The Civil War Alliance strives to make certain that, when both reenactors and spectators attend these events, they will find them to be an informative, authentic, and satisfying experience. We hope you find this information useful, as this website is provided as a service for the reenactor, as well as for the visiting public.


Aerial shot of a Moorpark battle: Richmond Howitzers gun line engaged,

infantry at the fence, thousands of spectators on the right. (2008).

What makes a Civil War Alliance event better?

More of everything.   Civil War Alliance reenactments have more infantry, more cavalry, and more artillery on the battlefield than anywhere else in Southern California.  You can really see how armies are deployed and maneuvered in a battle.  The battlefields are usually larger, permitting the armies a chance to maneuver and try to outflank their foes.  The soldiers' camps are larger, so you can see how the troops lived while they were in a garrison encampment or on the march.  In addition, Civil War Alliance reenactments also include a large "civilian town," an area that allows non-combatant reenactors to show what it was like to live as private citizens in the Civil War era, perhaps as refugees fleeing an invading army.

Experienced staff.  Civil War Alliance reenactments are led by very seasoned reenactor commanders and staff who ensure that the experience is as realistic as possible for the reenactors as well as the viewing public. 

More activities.  Civil War Alliance reenactments will usually include medical demonstrations, period craft/cultural presentations, and lectures by reenactors portraying notable Civil War personalities, such as President Lincoln, President Davis, General Lee, and General Grant.  Civil War Alliance reenactments sometimes invite Hollywood celebrities to participate.  These professional actors bring their skills and attention to historical detail to the battlefield for the benefit of the reenactors and public.



In the thick of battle, Moorpark 2009.



   February 16-17 --Civil War Encampment, Strathearn Museum, Simi Valley, CA  Information

 March 9-10 --Antique Gas & Steam Museum, Vista, CA Information

 August 31-September 1 --Central Park, Huntington Beach, CA Information

 October 12-13 -- Tom's Farm, Details for this exciting new event will be posted soon!

November 9-10 --Tierra Rejada Ranch, Moorpark, CA-- The CWA's premier event! Information

Cavalry and mobile artillery in action, 2007.

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             Union Army of the West Staff Officers and Confederate Army of the West Staff Officers (2010) 


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The Confederate Army of the West on the march, 2010.

Union troops in action, 2003.

Night battle at Moorpark, 2012.  (photo credit: Rusty Nelson)